GSoC'20 progress : Phase III

Work progress during the final phase of Google Summer of Code

August 30, 2020 - 4 minute read -
GSoC 2020 KDE

GSoC 2020 with KDE

Greetings Reader,

And just like that, the third evaluations for Google Summer of Code are upon us. It seems just like yesterday when I began my work on this project and now the final phase is about to be over. Sort of unbelievable.

Here is the work report for the final phase.

Work Report

This month was marked with various readjustments in the previous work done based on the code review from my mentors and finalising the code for the next release:

So, those were the major work done in this phase. There are a lot of small additions and deletions which are pretty self- explanatory. You can see them in the commit_browser at my development fork.

The Road Ahead

With this, my journey of GSoC takes a rest but in turn begins my wonderful journey of open-source development. Proud to say, I am hooked :)

First of all, I have to get this code merged for the next release so that it sees actual users. Then the APIs need to be worked out and tested with actual databases before release. So, the first few days after GSoC are gonna be busy.

From then on, I will be an active contributor to the KtoBlzCheck project and explore the other projects of the KDE community. This community has always been supportive and my mentors have enabled me to learn a lot. Thank you all very much.

See you in the next post.