GSoC 2020 with KDE

Wrapping up the Community Bonding period

May 30, 2020 - 3 minute read -
GSoC 2020 KDE

GSoC 2020 with KDE

The day was the 4th of May. As the hours were passing, some anxiousness was settling in. I was waiting for the announcement of the list of accepted projects for Google Summer of Code 2020. It had been one month and four days of waiting since proposal submission and it was time to face the results.

As the moment arrived, it brought with itself the good news. My project was accepted by the KDE community and I was given a chance to work with one of the largest active free software communities :)


About the Project

KtoBLZCheck is a library to check bank account numbers and bank codes (BLZ) of German Banks and other international banks. Currently, KtoBLZCheck uses multiple bankdata files in text format which are valid at different dates. The data which is regularly retrieved from ​Deutsche Bundesbank is valid for three months. This leads to a lot of duplication of data.
The idea is to integrate the support for query and generation of SQLite databases into KtoBLZCheck to replace the text files used currently. This will avoid duplicate data and enable the support for multiple countries improving the scope of this library.
Another task is to create an API for querying these databases, so as to integrate these databases into other applications.
The database would also need to be updated on demand so that the applications can be sure about the results. An API for checking and downloading these updates would also be implemented.

Mentors : Ralf Habacker, Thomas Baumgart, Ingo Klöcker

Community Bonding period

This month was spent on ironing out the details of the project. With the help of my mentors, I became aware of the possible challenges and started to search for the possible solutions to figure out a plan for the first phase of the project.

This was also the time to meet my fellow students who were participating in this program. It was a remarkable experience, interacting with them and talking about our GSoC projects. I met a lot of talented people here and we hope to be in touch even after the program ends.

What’s Next?

Currently, this is the Community Bonding period of Google Summer of Code. This will last till June 1. After this, coding will officially begin. I am in regular contact with my mentors and I have finalised the details of the initial work. On the suggestions of my mentors, I have added another subtask of creating an API for fetching datafiles from the web.

I plan to start my work as soon as the coding period begins and will be updating my progress on this project during this period through this blog and my KDE GSoC status report page.

I thank the KDE community for selecting my proposal as a project for Google Summer of Code. I am super excited to work on this project and learn about software development from my mentors and the community. This is the first time I will be working so close with an open-source organisation.
I look forward to working and learning a lot in the next three months.

About me

I am Prasun Kumar, a student of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Guwahati (Assam, India). I am in my 2nd year (4th) semester of Bachelor in Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.